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Purchasing (Cost of Goods)

Purchasing (Cost of Goods)

Soda, Coffee, Linen., Produce and Broadline Food, Paper & Disposables

Purchasing (Cost of Goods)


Your locally owned business deserves the best in locally made beverage products, brought to you by Brown Carbonic Sales Co., based in Syracuse, New York.
Dispensing a Local Craft Soda, made in Syracuse for over 30 years!
Join other local owners in saving $$ while providing their customers with a quality local craft soda.
Brown Carbonic can offer secure pricing with a LOCAL distributor and LOCAL 24 Hour Service Treat your customers to the satisfaction of quality beverages. You’ll also appreciate our dry ice, bagged ice, and ice making equipment delivered to you 24/7. LOCAL CRAFT SODA
Today's customers are searching for local and searching for craft, from beer to soda to menu

Offer your customers a LOCAL CRAFT soda, and save yourself $$ along the way

Free service
Free equipment

The average client is savings over 25% on his beverage costs.
Call today to set up a tasting

Contact Brown Carbonic Sales Co.

Tel: 315-454-3591

6751 Kinne St, East Syracuse, NY 13057


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 4:30 pm

Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Sunday Closed

Purchasing (Cost of Goods)


The owner and founder, Michael Dovner, started the company as a young 20-year-old selling coffee out of the back of his Monte Carlo, always looking for the next big opportunity to make the company what it is today, and more! Nearly 40 years later, his mindset hasn’t changed, but his ability to grow the company and its product offerings, while maintaining the same personalized, friendly service to our customers, has strengthened every year.
Lock your pricing for an entire year. The group locks the price by buying against the futures and everyone saves $$

The average client is saving over $1.50 a pound

Free equipment
Local service

Call for a tasting today


Boston’s Best Coffee Roasters   

43 Norfolk Ave

South Easton, MA 02375


National Pricing on a local level


Contracted pricing for all and the biggest benefit is a small 1% increase in pricing per year. (the industry average sees 2 annual increases totally 6-8%)


Linen has been showing our clients the largest savings overall at 35-40%. THOUSANDS of $$ a year


Call now for a free analysis
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Purchasing (Cost of Goods)


Service, Style and Safety are Always On The Menu
Rental Programs for Uniforms & Supply Services Our food service solutions can help provide an enjoyable customer experience and maintain a clean kitchen with:
• Comprehensive line of towels , linens, mops and floor mats-including our new Active Floor Care with D2 convertible flooring, which delivers enhanced floor sanitation and safety
• Professionally laundered restaurant uniforms using specialized, standardized was formulas developed by Ecolab
• Fully managed first aid and restroom supply services
We know your business
More then 39,000 food service establishments depend on us every week.

Purchasing (Cost of Goods)


Syracuse Banana is one of the largest restaurant and institution suppliers in this area, serving some of the largest restaurant chains in the United States. The warehouse is located just two blocks from the Central New York Regional Market in Syracuse and is available for your inspection at any time. We also feature an in-house tomato and banana ripening facility and a full line of spices and dry goods. We are a multi-million dollar company supplying over 500 customers daily.

Are you Buying locally?

Are you buying with the POWER of over 80 local owners?

Average client is saving over 10% on their produce spend

Syracuse Banana Company Inc.

900 Wolf St, Syracuse, NY 13208
Phone: 315.471.2251
Fax: 315.471.5247
Purchasing (Cost of Goods)


UFSO leverages all member volume while utilizing over 350 direct manufacturer deviations on over 15,000 line items , which results in audible log terms savings to its members
PFG is the 2nd largest food distribution company in the US. Backed by the buying power of UFSO, the average client is seeing savings of 8-12% on food cost(or TENS of THOUSANDS of $$$ a year)

PFG (Performance Food Group)

Looking for long term auditable savings from a local distributor?

Buy the majority of your name brand grocery items like a chain does?

Want to see $10,000 or more added to your bottom line in the next 12 months?

Contact Bud Loura today to set a meeting to discuss how


Purchasing (Cost of Goods)

Paper & Disposables

``Johnston is an innovative wholesale distributor and service provider offering customized solutions and training to their customers. Based in Auburn, NY and Family owned since 1881, Johnston specializes in food service and cleaning solutions for Restaurants & Food Service providers across the entirety of upstate NY. Johnston offers a wide selection of quality options for take-out containers, cups, lids, napkins, cutlery and more.

Have specific needs for your product lines? Looking for recyclable, compostable, microwaveable or freezer safe? Johnston’s longstanding partnerships with the most respected names in food service and cleaning products provide access to all the supplies and expertise you need. By taking a unique focus as a consultative partner, Johnston goes beyond the provision of products by offering unmatched service and training opportunities that other distributors lack. When partnering with Johnston, customers enjoy access to educational seminars, regular trade shows and sales events, and a dedicated team who wants to help you succeed. Johnston has your solution!”

Contact Bud Loura today to set a meeting to discuss how